November 8, 2012


What a beautiful day. It has been about 60 degrees this past week in Salt Lake and I am loving every minute of it. I would be so happy if it could be like this all year round. 

So, If you haven't already noticed I love shopping at Forever 21 - it is affordable and has a variety of things to choose from. Needless to say I went shopping there again! I was drawn to this sweater the minute I saw it and I knew I needed it. It was the search for the perfect shirt to go under it that was a struggle, but have no fear I found this vintage looking 1976 Wild Cat shirt to match. Normally printed t-shirts aren't typically the types of shirts I buy, but they are growing on me lately to create a laid back look.

Sweater: Forever 21
T-shirt: Forever 21
Pants: H&M
Boots: Famous Footwear

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