January 20, 2013

Beauty Within

Welcome to my new series of posts titled "Beauty Within". As you all know I have a huge love for fashion, but I also enjoy fitness, being healthy, and beauty. "Beauty Within" will involve make-up, health, exercise, hair posts and anything else I am feeling that day. 

This week I started a living healthy program sponsored by a local Utah company called "Beyond Weight-Loss". The program lasts for 8 weeks. They focus on helping people lose body weight, body fat, and to help increase antioxidants. I joined the program to help me tone up, be healthier, and to increase my antioxidants. 

I am not going to lie... I had no idea what antioxidants were and how important they were for my health. Here is a great video from the Dr. Oz show. He explains a little bit about antioxidants and how to get scanned to see how many antioxidants you have in your cells.

I fell into the yellow section of the caroteniod scores. My score was 32,000. At the end of the 8 weeks my goal is to be in the blue section (50,000+). My other goal at the end of this 8 weeks is to tone my muscles up and be ready to rock it in a bathing suit this summer and not feel insecure.

I will continue to fill you in on my progress and research over these next 8 weeks. I will check in on week 4 and let you know if my antioxidants have increased and we will see if I have toned up at all.
Thank you for reading my shenanigans. Happy Sunday!

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