October 25, 2012

Team Barkell's Life through Instagram

I cherish every moment and weekend I get to spend with my darling family! It was my hubby's birthday on the 16th. He turned 28 ~ he just gets more handsome with age and I fall in love with him more and more everyday! I smile every time I think about him.

Jersey got a new collar and was super excited to show it off on the blog. Red and black are definitely his colors. He won't have any problems meeting any ladies now. 

Mine and Wes' motto every since we met is we always need to try new things! So, a couple of weeks ago we decided to give Krav Maga a try. If you are like me you are probably asking yourself what in the hell is that? Krav Maga is a self-defense technique. I felt like a total gomer the whole time, but it was a great work out and it made me think a lot different on how I would react in situations. 

Wes got an espresso machine for his birthday. He has become quite the barista since he got it. I was more excited about the little espresso cups we got. They are so cute and little. 
I was so wired on Sunday after a few espressos I was working out like a crazy girl at the gym. So, if you ever need a boost locate the nearest Starbucks and order a shot.

What is life like for you on instagram?

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