October 7, 2012


Haha... this was a funny photo shoot. So, every morning on my way to work my mom and I will stop somewhere to take my pictures for the blog. It is always an adventure! We are constantly taking different routes to work to see what fun exciting things we can find. Well, we found this awesome red carpet at some club in Salt Lake.

Well my mom left the truck running while we were taking pictures and there was a homeless guy that kept walking by so I couldn't relax. I was afraid he was going to steal the truck, but anyway back to my outfit. I can just tell you that this dress was the deal of the day?? This is a dress from Jennifer Lopez's line she sells at Kohl's. It cost me a whole $3. Don't you feel like you have accomplished something wonderful when you get amazing deals? I know I do! ;)

Dress: Jennifer Lopez (similar here)
Heels: Forever 21
Jacket: ShawtynStilettos (old)
Necklaces: H&M (similar here)

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