October 5, 2012

Band T-shirt

ShawtynStilettos just got some adorable new headbands, hand warmers, and beanies. I was so excited to show them off. My Aerosmith Band T-shirt couldn't have matched the accessories any more perfect.

I found this quote today on Pinterest and it is so true I had to share. When my husband was taking my pictures for this shoot I told him there is something about wearing these flat boots that just don't make me feel sexy or confident. It's amazing how a pair of high heels can lift your self esteem and attitude. What transforms you?

So this is me doing the Gangham style dance. Wes and I learned it over the weekend. If you have not watched or learned the dance that is your homework assignment: Gangham Style Dance. I promise you will be obsessed.

T-shirt: Trunk
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar here & here)
Boots: Forever 21
Headband: ShawtynStilettos
Hand warmers: ShawtynStilettos
Sunnies: Marc Jacobs

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