May 1, 2013

Preppy Pigtails

Outfit: Forever 21 (old)

Instead of admitting that I have a Forever 21 addiction I decided to skip the outlining of each article of clothing today. I am in denial I have short hair... I was thinking my hair would look better in pig tails - I will definitely need to rethink this hair do.

This is a pretty simple outfit for such a simple day. This vest would also look adorable with a dress shirt under it to jazz it up a little bit more.

I forgot to tell you my funny story from over the weekend. So, I got picked to be apart of the Harley shoot Wes and I auditioned for. The shoot was on Saturday... I show up all decked out in my Harley gear, I get settled in the trailer, fill out all of the necessary paperwork and BAM they come ask me to sit on the Harley to see how I fit on it. I thought it was a little unusual as I was the passenger, but I didn't think anything of it. So, the crew tells me okay jump on the bike and I was like WHAT? They are like the is the bike you will be driving... Oh heck no it isn't. I continue to explain there has been a huge misunderstanding that even though I have my motorcycle license if they want the Harley back in one piece they do not want me driving it. This is what happened the last time I drove a bike.
The crew was very understanding, paid me and sent me on my way. They said they will be holding more photo shoots at the end of May and will be in touch. So, hopefully I will have more fun stories to share with you. Thanks for reading!

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