April 4, 2013


Shoes: Target

Howdy ladies! With the sunshine lately brings neon colors. We have had this scarf  in stock for a couple of months now and I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on it, but it is one of those scarves you need to wear with the perfect outfit. So you can imagine how smitten I was when I found this neon top from Kmart of all places to go with it. I am also loving these these white pants from Charlotte Russe. They have a zipper at the ankle which is so perfect when wearing flats or heels so I can adjust them to fit over my shoes.

It's always a death wish when wearing white pants so of course I was being super careful not to spill anything on them. Well on my way down this hill I almost fell on my butt in the mud. Can you imagine? At least there would have been pictures.

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