March 21, 2013

Floral, Lace and Pearls

Dress: Smith's Marketplace
Sweater: Macy's
Pearls: Forever 21 

I was feeling super girly today in my lacy dress, floral sweater and pearls. I am not going to lie I feel like I could have picked different shoes to go with this outfit, but it is what it is. Note to self try your full outfit on before you pack it in your gym bag. I got this dress during one of Smith's fabulous 70% off deals. I love anything razorback, especially when I have some nice back muscles. It's a work in progress I will tell you that much.

I forgot to tell you about our latest purchase! Wes and I finally gave in and bought our Martin acoustic guitar. We have been living at Guitar Center every weekend and finally they had a deal we just could not pass up. We have been jamming all week and Wes is teaching me the ropes. I get frustrated super easy, but he is so cute and continues to encourage me! Once I am a rockstar on the guitar I will share a YouTube video with you so you can see that you can do anything you put your mind to!

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