January 29, 2013

Baggy Harem Pants

T-shirt: Cotton On
Harem Pants: IOffer
Jacket: Forever 21
Wedge Sneakers: Amazon
Headband: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil

Are these harem pants not the most exciting things you have ever seen? They are a little out there for me, but hey it is good to venture out from time to time. I have a new obsession with oversized tees. They are not only super comfortable, but they give any outfit a casual touch. If you are ever looking for a cheap, but nice oversized t-shirt check out Cotton On. Their stuff is already reasonable priced and they are constantly having 30% off deals. You know I am a sucker for deals!

On a more personal note today is the 3rd anniversary of mine and my hubby's first date. If you don't know the story... we met online and we both didn't want to waste a weekend on each other if we weren't interested so we went out on a Thursday night. He came and picked me up and my mouth about hit the floor when I saw him. I knew he was handsome from his pictures, but they didn't even do him justice. That night he took me for sushi, we had great conversation and also mentioned we were not looking for anything serious... this was completely a casual thing. He asked me out that Saturday and the rest is history.... 

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