November 27, 2012

Fancy Pants

Sweatpants have such a bad connotation to them. I won't lie when I think of sweatpants I think of jammies and being lazy, but ladies it is time to change that image around. Don't you love when you are all bundled up in a comfortable outfit especially during the winter? I know I do... 

With all of your holiday parties coming up you will want to be extra comfy while you are playing games and eating lots of yummy treats. Here are some ideas of how to dress up your sweatpants for your next holiday party.... People will be going who does this girl think she is (wink ;)

1. ASOS / 2. ASOS / 3. H&M / 4. Hollister / 5. SWELL / 6. H&M / 7. Revolve Clothing

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