September 19, 2012

Packing Tips

So I am the worst at packing for a trip. I always over pack and end up with things that don't match or I have no intentions of wearing, but I finally stumbled onto a solution to all of my packing problems. (MM&LShow)

First you lay out all of our outfits including the accessories, bra, and panties you are going to wear with each outfit.

Put each outfit separately into a ziploc freezer bag including the panties and bra that go with it. Put the jewelry that accessorizes the outfit into a ziploc sandwich bag and put it inside the freezer bag with your outfit and then zip it up and your outfit is complete.

Throw it all into your suitcase and you are set. This not only helped me organize my outfits, but it saved so much room in my suitcase for more shoes!

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