August 23, 2012

Flawless Face

After many years of doing my own make-up I have finally found what works for me to have a flawless looking face. 

Step 1: I first apply MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation - NW30 with MAC's 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. Put a little foundation on your brush, you don't need much. Starting from the nose outward put the foundation on in a circular motion. Be sure to go all the way to your hair line and around your jawline so you aren't leaving any lines or streaks.

Step 2: To add a little sunkissed look to my face I apply CARGO's Water Resistant Bronzer with MAC's 129SH Power Blush Brush. All you need is a little highlight where the sun hits your face: cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and don't forget your neck. 

Optional: I like to add a little definition to my face by emphasizing my cheekbones. To do so make a kissy lip face and suck your cheeks in. Take your bronzer and a contouring brush, I use the Bare Minerals Angled Face Brush, and run the brush in an upward direction along your cheekbone.

Step 3: Blush is so important because it add so much character to your face. Personally, I like to use pink blushes to give me a girly look, MAC's Well Dressed Powder Blush. To apply your blush smile at yourself in the mirror to find the apple's of your cheeks. Then with a brush, MAC's 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush, apply the blush in a circular motion along your apples. Voila! Your whole face has come to life!

Step 4: This is my most very favorite product. Just recently, I started using a concealer and now I won't leave home without it. I never understood what a concealer could do for your face. I like to use MAC's Select Cover-Up Concealer - NW25, it is a shade lighter than the foundation I use. Dab a little concealer on a concealer brush, I use Bare Minerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, and lightly brush it under your eyes all the way down to the top of your cheekbone. You have totally brightened up your face and made yourself look 5 years younger. No more tired eyes or dark circles. 

Step 5: This step isn't for everyone but I like to add a little highlighter around the sides of my eyes down to the top of my cheekbones to add a little character. The one shown above is MAC's Hey, Sailor! Highlight Powder. Swirl your contouring brush around to mix the colors and dab a little on the areas you would like to highlight! 

I hope you found this information helpful! I would love to hear what make-up you love to use and any techniques you would like to share! I will be posting a video on how I apply my make-up so stay tuned! 

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